15 Amazing Things To Do In GOA

Goa beach fetured image

Attracting Beaches

attracting beaches in goa

Couples usually like to go out and spend some quality time with each other,
especially youth generation and newlywed couples, for them what can be better
than Goa. Goa is famous for its beaches. In north Goa – Vagator Beach, Anjuna
Beach, Baga Beach, Calangute Beach and other south Goa side- Calangute To
Miramar Beach. A huge number of beaches in Goa, there is nothing more romantic
for couples for a long walk and a candlelight dinner.

Churches and Temples

oldest church in goa
Religious places of Goa are Churches and Temples, People go there to see them
and to know the history and get knowledge about them. The major names of
churches in Goa are Basilica of Bom Jesus, Rachol Seminary, Se Cathedral,
Saligao church and temples are Brahma Temple, Mahadeva Temple, The Mahalsa

Carnival Festival

Carnival festival in goa

Carnival festival is the biggest festival of Goa and it has been celebrated since 18th
the century which is held every year in the month of February for three days and
a night with full of colors, dances and floats. If you are planning in this month, for
sure you will have an amazing trip.

Water Sports

Flyboard Board In Goa
Goa is no less than a paradise which attracts everyone and forces them to go
there to enjoy and provides you with an opportunity for adventures to water sports
in water. Kneeboarding, Kayaking, Wakeboarding, Scuba diving, Banana tube boat
ride, Parasailing are water sports which help you to get a thrilling experience.


Goa gives you a chance to try your luck and to earn more money of course for
living a luxuries life by playing games in casinos. Popular casinos include Deltin
Royale Casino, Deltin JAQK Casino, Casino Carnival, Casino Pride, Casino Pearl.

Forts and Portuguese House

 Aguada Fort goa

To refresh yourself with your headache life what can be the better way to go Goa
for relaxing and pampering yourself. Another fact of Goa is the presence of
alluring forts and Portuguese house which tells us about their history. You can
visit Aguada Fort, Corjuem Fort, Terekhol Fort, Reis Magos Fort.

Awesome Shopping

 Calangute Square Market shopping in goa

If you are a shopaholic person and want to shop more and more in your
budget with the latest fashion, Goa is the perfect destination for shopping. Some of the
market just near the beaches Anjuna Flea Market, Mapusa Market, Panjim
Market and many more from where you can get clothes, jewelry, homemade
pickles, handicraft, Goa’s famous chouricos, sausages and many more.

Seafood Restaurants

The state of Goa is one of the most popular tourist spots. Trip of Goa is incomplete
without eating delicious seafood because of foodie nature in the budget also. With so
many beaches, there are so many seafood restaurants which give you on their
menu, succulent crabs, fishes, Indian, Chinese etc.

The atmosphere of December and January in Goa

As we know, Goa is known for the best celebration spot of our happiness. In the
month of December and January where weather is nice, cool and pleasant with
humidity is also comfortable. Especially in these two month lots of celebration are
organized Christmas and new year celebration, carol singing, Salim Ali bird
sanctuary, lots of wedding which is the attraction point of Goa.

Wildlife Sanctuary

wildlife in goa

Goa is a state with a lot of greenery where it has wildlife sanctuaries, which
make you and your trip happier without doubt such as Bondla wildlife,
Molem wildlife sanctuary, Cotigao Sanctuary, Mhadei Sanctuary. Here you will
find a variety of Indian wild or bird life.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar waterfall goa

Goa, a majestic place with a majestic cascade of white water, gushing over the
steep, at a height of 1017 feet is breathtaking and inspiring. The falls are at their
zenith during the monsoon season, which is the attraction point all around the
year. To reach this wonderful site one must either go by rail, train, bus or by foot

Liquor Bazaar

To encourage tourism, where Goa is a coastal town with very humid and
sticky weather, They serve alcohol at a very low price according to other
countries. You will get easily any international brand of liquor here from small
restaurant to high.

Nightlife in Goa

Night life in goa, nightlife

Goa has become famous for its wild parties and vibrant nightlife party scenes.
And nightlife of Goa is legendary. So many clubs, raves and party places in Goa.
After sunset, Goa livens up with dizzy neon light, great music and for dance over

Museum of Goa

Museum of Goa is an endeavor to take art to the masses. It seeks to break and
social culture barriers. Museum of Goa welcomes multidisciplinary art form-
painting, photography, music, design moving image, sculpture, theatres etc. Many
people go there wants to know their history.

Bike Rental in Goa

Bike rental in goa

Goa, a beautiful state and popular for its beaches, water sports, night parties,
casinos. To explore the Goa the great way is two-wheeler. In Goa renting a bike,
active is very convenient, easy to visit. Rent for the bike is starting with 200 rs. Per day
while in peak season, the price may be higher, depending on demand.

Weather (Climate) of Goa

Weather of Goa is never too hot, even in the summer, when many parts of the
country see very hot days. Winter is also mild in Goa. Weather is just what you
need to relax. In the monsoon lot of greenery around here, to
making look lush. Goa becomes magical when it rains and nobody can beat the
walk on the beaches in this rainy season.

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