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best places in banswara

Banswara is a city located in the Banswara district in southern Rajasthan. The city is also known as the “City of Hundred Islands” because several hills remain partially submerged in the Mahi Dam Backwater. That presents a beautiful view of the Small Islands in Banswara.

Banswara is popular as the “Cherrapunjee of Rajasthan” as it receives the highest rainfall in Rajasthan, making it the greenest city in the state. There is abundant bamboo (bans) found in the forests of Banswara, which makes the reason for its name being so.

This place in Rajasthan is rich in hills, forest, and wildlife which make the tribals natives of this region. The ancient temples and natural beauty of Banswara, lushed with greenery are what makes it very different from all other districts of the state.

Banswara provides some of the best tourist destinations and beautiful views which make this place a worth visit! The best time to visit Banswara is monsoon when the whole place has covered in greenery and it becomes for your eyes to stray from the view. Here are a few of those beautiful places in Banswara-

Best Places to Visit in Banswara

  • Mahi Dam
  • Anand Sagar Lake
  • Jagmer Hills
  • Om Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir
  • Shri Tripura Sundari Temple
  • Diablab Lake
  • Kagdi Pick up Weir

Mahi Dam

Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam is located in Borkheda village across the Mahi River. It is the longest and the second-largest dam in Rajasthan. Mahi Dam has 16 gates and has a large number of islands within its catchment area. The Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam, which is located 16 km away from Banswara, is easily accessible due to its good road connectivity                         

However, the best time to visit the Dam is during monsoon, on a particularly rainy day when dam gates open up and water comes out like fluffy cotton.  

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2. Anand Sagar Lake

The Anand Sagar Lake, also known as Bai Talaab. It is an artificial lake adorned with serried rows of sacred trees. Maharana Jagmal Singh built this beautiful lake for his queen- Lanchi Bai. The memorials of former rulers of the state are also located near the lake. Anand Sagar Lake is one of the top tourist destinations in the Banswara district.

3. Jagmer Hills

Jagmer Hills is one of the best places in Banswara for picnics and camping. Visiting this place in the monsoon gives you a whole different experience. The steep roads of this beautiful hill station lead to the Hanuman temple which is there since the 16th century and attracts many devotees.

These hills are located near the Mahi River and the view of lush greenery looks gorgeous.

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4. Om Shri Shirdi Saibaba Mandir

This beautiful temple of Shri Satya Sai Baba is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. On a small hill, this temple has situated. The marble idols of Saibaba, Nandi, Tortoise, and a black stone idol of Ganesha are present there.

The temple is located at a distance of 1 km from the district headquarters and is easily accessible. The timings for the shrine are from 8 am to 7 pm.

5. Shree Tripura Sundari Temple

The Temple of Maa Tripura Sundari is located about 20 kilometres from Banswara and is one of the famous temples in the district. The temple is one of the “Shakti Peeths” having alluring divine power.  

The temple is devoted to Goddess Tripura Sundari or Turita Mata who is placed inside the sanctum as a beautiful idol of black stone. The statue is having 18 hands with each one carrying a different emblem and Mata sitting on the tiger.  

This Shakti Peeth has situated atop a small hilltop constructed in a typical Bengali- hut style with a conical dome. Tripura Sundari Temple is also known as Kurna Pith because its shape is similar to a tortoise.

6. Diablab Lake

The Diablab Lake is situated 2 kilometres away from Banswara town in Rajasthan and has earned all its gloriousness for the alluring budding lotuses. This lake is camouflaged with a sprawling pool of lotuses that invigorates and enhances its beauty.

The temple of Lord Hanuman and Shri Krishna are located on the banks of the lake where visitors can pray and fill themselves with positive vibes.  

Away from the chaotic city life, a stroll around this lake relaxes the mind and provides absolute bliss. The royal family of Banswara has a summer home at the periphery of Badal Mahal, where Diablab Lake has situated

7. Kagdi Pick up Weir

This is a reservoir for canal water emerging from Mahi Dam which is located on the outskirts of Banswara, just 3 km away from the city. Kagdi Pick-up Weir is a major tourist attraction with beautiful gardens and fountains.

This place is popular as a picnic spot with a small garden, a sitting area, a temple, and a play area which makes it best for spending relaxing time with loved ones. Visitors love this place for its picturesque sunset and sunrise. The rainy season makes this reservoir look extra special and a worth visit!

Banswara is the hidden gem of Rajasthan which is not enough explored and not much talked about. Everyone needs to visit this one of the top places of Banswara. Especially Rajasthanis, so they could feel its peacefulness by themselves.

These are some of the other top tourist attractions in the city of hundred islands. Remember to cover all of them also!

Best Hidden Places to Visit

  • Ghotiya Aamba
  • Arthuna Temples
  • Abdullah Pir
  • Ram Kund
  • Andeshwar Parshwanathji
  • Vithala Deo Temple
  • Para Heda

Do visit this heaven, which does not all look like a part of Rajasthan. Very few tourists have explored this place; all there you will find near are tribals, cattle, and green- loads of greenery scattered all around water bodies. 

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