water rafting in rishikesh

water rafting is also known as white water rafting and a recreational sport with raft filled with air. Primarily this activity/sport is done on a river but can also be done on other water bodies. There are several classes and techniques defined under this activity. lets understand some of them so that you can understand the adventure you will enjoy in this activity.

Classes which we are working with.

primarily there are 6 or 7 classes based on the thrill, adventure and risk included. these classes are defined on the flow of water, rocks, drops, sharp maneuvers etc. We are dealing with first 4 classes. why? because last 2 classes or 3 classes of this activity are for professionals or sports persons. 5th-7th classes of white water (high water flow, huge waves, rocks and unnavigable  path) are quite dangerous if you are beginner or intermediate.

No worries with us!! we take care of our customers. We only provide first four level of rafting. 1st and 2nd class of white water rafting which is very basic. 3rd and 4th include small waves maybe with some drops. but for 3rd and 4th you should have some experience of rafting.

Our professionals will always with you while rafting. they will guide you before your rafting begin. you need to wear/carry all the safety measures which is the first rule.

Price of above itinerary is ₹2000 per boat.

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