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5 Best Places for Diwali Celebration 

Check the best places to celebrate the diwali in the india this year



Ayodhya is all set to celebrate its sixth edition of ‘Deepotsav‘ on November 11 and this year the temple town’s ghats will be lit with nearly 14.5 lakh diyas.


whole of the city is decked up to its best with lights and diyas. The walled part of the city is covered with lights


Start your Diwali with a bath in the holy Ganga and visit the temples while exploring the bustling bazaars where everything from traditional clothes to sweets is sold.


With the skies illuminated by floating lamps in the air and fireworks, leaving a quiet reflection on Lake Pichola


There are special prayers or kirtans held throughout the city and the Golden Temple looks stunning when illuminated.