Welcome to Flextates, where Responsible Tourism is at the heart of everything we do. 

Tourism is more than just visiting a new place – it’s about leaving a positive footprint on local communities and Nature. Our organization takes it seriously and focuses on sustainable travel practices, wildlife conservation, support for local communities, and Nature and cultural preservation.

Under the Responsible Tourism Campaign, we often collaborate with NGOs and local communities and organize workshops and seminars. As travelers, we are responsible for the societies and environments we encounter on our journeys. Join us in making a positive impact with these simple yet meaningful actions.


Support Responsible Tourism: –

  1. Support Local Communities like Restaurants, Markets and Rural Artisans.
  2. Explore some local places in environmentally friendly vehicles. (E-rickshaw, Tuk Tuk rides). Ask our experts they will add this to your Itinerary.
  3. India is very rich in Local Cuisine. Whether you want spicy food or sweet dishes, we have a variety of mouth-watering cuisines.
  4. Local Handicraft of India is world famous. Blue pottery of Jaipur, Fine Jewelry of Jaipur, Handicraft work in Rajasthan etc. They all are world famous. Go For Local shopping.
  5. India is very particular about their dressing behavior. At Religious places, they have dress codes. Must check before visiting any places with your Driver or check with your tour guide.
  6. We also support wildlife NGOs. If you want to donate some amount to any NGO check with your Travel partner first.
  7. Flextates Is also running a program in which we support Environment-Friendly Projects and NGOs. Talk with your Travel expert if you want to Support Local People.

Join us in supporting local communities and protecting the environment. Contact our travel experts to learn how you can make a difference during your journey.

Flextates Media & Tourism is committed to supporting environmentally friendly projects and NGOs. Please speak with our travel experts to learn how you can contribute to these initiatives and support local communities.

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