5 Best Places to Visit for Diwali Celebrations in India – Diverse Diwali Celebrations

5 Best Places for Diwali celebrations in India

Derived from the Sanskrit word Deepavali, which means “row of lights”, the name means the row of clay lamps (Deepak) that Indians light outside their homes to symbolize the inner light that protects from spiritual darkness. Diwali is India’s biggest and most important holiday of the year. And over the years it has become a national festival that’s also enjoyed by non-Hindu communities like Jains, Sikhs, and even Buddhists.
In northern India, they celebrate the story of King Rama’s return to Ayodhya after he defeated Ravana by lighting rows of clay lamps. While Southern India celebrates it as the day Lord Krishna defeated the demon Narakasura. In western India, the festival marks the day that Lord Vishnu, the Preserver sent the demon king Bali to rule the nether world. Hindus interpret the Diwali story on where they live. But there’s a common theme no matter where people celebrate: the victory of good over evil.
Though people tend to celebrate Diwali at their homes only, it is also nice to get out of your home city and see how other states celebrate the festival of lights. Below are the top 5 places for Diwali celebrations in India.

Top 5 Places for Diwali Celebrations in India

2VaranasiDiwali Celebrations at the bank of Ganga
3JaipurAmazing Decorations at the markets in Pink city
4AmritsarSikh celebrations of Bandi Chhor Diwas
5UdaipurDiwali at the lakes

Ayodhya – Most Famous Places for Diwali Celebration in India

Ayodhya Diwali Celebration

When we talk about Diwali celebrations, the first place that comes to our mind is Ayodhya because it is the birthplace of Lord Rama which marks his return with his wife Sita and Brother Laxman to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. For all the Indians there is no best place other than Ayodhya for Diwali celebrations in India. There is real joy and happiness on the faces of the people here. People from different parts of UP come and light lamps at the banks of River Sarayu. The city achieved a new feat on the eve of Diwali in the year 2022 with 15 lakh diyas being lip up on the banks of the Sarayu River securing a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Flowy breeze, illuminated waters, and holy chants echoing all around is the Diwali celebration in Ayodhya. It is a massive celebration here the festival is celebrated for four days. The city is beautifully decorated with coloured papers, lights, and other handmade decorative items. You will be amazed and excited about celebrating his day over here.
Ayodhya’s Diwali is different from the rest of the country as this is the birthplace of Lord Rama. Diwali celebrations start in Ayodhya. The holy city of Ayodhya is all set to celebrate its sixth edition of Deepotsav on November 11 and this year the temple town’s ghats will be lit with nearly 14.5 lakh diyas.

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Varanasi – Diwali at the Banks of Ganga

Jaipur Diwali Celebration

Banaras or Varanasi is regarded as one of the most holy places of the Hindu around the world. This is the place where the Ganga is at its widest. Start your Diwali with a bath in the holy Ganga and visit the temples while exploring the bustling bazaars where everything from traditional clothes to sweets is sold.
Varanasi celebrates Diwali with a constant stream of firecrackers and fireworks going off all night on the festival’s main day. During the five days of celebrations, the entire city is aglow with clay lanterns, or diyas, lining the streets and the Ghats of the Ganges River. Another highlight of Varanasi is the Ganga Aarti which takes place every night in the Ganges. During the holiday you can watch people lighting mall diyas and then place them over the river, where these diyas float through the darkness making for a beautiful display of victory of light over darkness.
15 days after Diwali, Varanasi celebrates Dev Deepawali which takes place on Kartik Purnima (Full moon night) and marks Lord Shiva’s victory over the demon Tripurasur. It is an experience worth collecting when every corner of the city comes alive with bright colours and glowing diyas. People also view Dev Deepawali as the day gods descend to Varanasi and bathe in the Ganga River, a fact that makes this festival extremely popular.
Truly Dev Deepawali is one of the wonders in the world that happens in the city of lights, aka Banaras aka Varanasi. If you somehow aren’t able to attend Diwali in Varanasi, don’t miss Dev Deepawali for anything! It’s an experience like no other.

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Jaipur – Best Market Decoration of Deepawali in India

Jaipur Diwali Celebration

The capital city of the royal state celebrates Diwali with a great pomp and show. Jaipur is famous for its Diwali lighting. Not just the homes or buildings, but the whole of the city is decked up to its best with lights and diyas. The walled part of the city is covered with lights from end to end for the whole 5 days. All the citizens of Jaipur make sure to see those decorations once at least in the 5-day duration. Every year the decorations change to more unique and mesmerizing. Decoration of markets here makes Jaipur a best place to visit during Diwali celebration.
Among all the festivals celebrated in Jaipur, Diwali is the only festival that transforms the city into a glitzy avatar. The city bazaars brim with musicians playing folk favourites and some meticulously made lamps and other artefacts. Every year, the competition of most beautifully decorated market happens and the government pays the electricity bill of the winner. This super glamorous and dazzling event attracts tourists not only from India but also from outside of it. You can also experience this with our Jaipur travel packages.
Visit Jaipur this Diwali and witness the vivid fireworks display blaze across the Jaipur skyline. You’d get a very homey vibe here because the city truly believes in “The guest is god“.

Amritsar – Diversity of Diwali Celebration

In Amritsar, Diwali coincides with the Sikh celebrations of Bandi Chhor Diwas. This day marks the return from prison of the sixth guru, Guru Hurgobind Sahib in 1619 who was unjustly held for his beliefs along with many other political prisoners who he later helped free. There are special prayers or kirtans held throughout the city and the Golden Temple looks stunning when illuminated. The cool weather, the beautiful sarson (mustard) fields, and the infectious enthusiasm of locals will give you utter joy. Amirtsar is among the main tourist attraction of Punjab and offers a diverse Diwali celebrations in India.
Moreover, Diwali is special in Amritsar because the foundation stone of the Golden Temple was laid in the year 1577. If you visit this city during Diwali, you will be lucky enough to witness the display of fireworks over the Golden Temple. Also, the temple complex gets lit up with innumerable lights, oil lamps, and candles, lit by the pilgrims as well as the devotees. There is also the mesmerizing fireworks display as they burst over the temple. Diwali celebrates the victory of light over darkness, of good over evil and this place shows you exactly how.

Udaipur – Amazing Diwali Celebrations at Lakes

The beauty of Udaipur does not end with its beautiful lakes or palaces. It’s the vibe of city that speaks and makes it a must visit place for Deepwali celebrations in India. The royal city looks somewhere out of the world and extremely exquisite during Diwali. During the holiday, the city come alive with markets, and temples are decorated with colourful string lights and decorations. With the skies illuminated by floating lamps in the air and fireworks, leaving a quiet reflection on Lake Pichola. Udaipur certainly counts as one of the perfect places to ring in the festival of lights. Devotees here visit the Mahalaxmi Temple situated in Bhatiyani Chauhatta to pay respects to the Goddess of Wealth.
The city observes a light festival called Udaipur Light Festival which commenced in 2012. The Festival is a commendable event that celebrates the spirit of Diwali in an eco-friendly and joyous manner. With Udaipur travel packages from flextates you can explore this celebration at its best. The lit festival sees artists from around the country take to the stage to perform. Food stalls and the entertaining activity steal the heart of people.

FAQ – Top Places for Diwali Celebrations in India

Q. What are the top places to visit for Diwali celebrations in India?

The best places for Diwali celebrations in India are Ayodhya, Varanasi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Amritsar, Goa, Mathura and Delhi.

Q. Which city has the biggest Diwali celebration in India?

In Ayodhya, the biggest Diwali celebration in India takes place. In this celebration, more than 1.5 million Diyas are lit up at the banks of the Saryu river, and a light show took place.

Q. Which place is famous for Deepawali?

Almost every place in India has its way to celebrate the diwali but Audhyas is one of main place for Diwali celebration. Reason being this is the place where the lord Ram return to this city from Vanvas after 14 years.

Q. In which state Diwali is unique?

Goa is known for its uniquw Diwali celebration in all India. Instead of diwali they called it Narak-Chaturdasi and celebrate the win of good over the bad.

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