Pregnancy Tourism In India – Women from Abroad come to India just to get pregnant!

Pregnancy Tourism in India

Recently, many women have visited Ladakh from abroad, and the motive behind this travel is interesting. These women are not there to explore the culture or for travel activities. The reason behind their visit was to get pregnant. It sounds weird, right? Well, they came here to get pregnant from the Brokpa community people. Earlier a few people knew about this but with the help of the internet, this information spread quickly and increased pregnancy tourism in India. Mainly from Germany, many females come here for pregnancy. The reason is that the Brokpa community people are good-looking, intelligent, and have strong physic. On top of that, they claimed themselves as descendants of Alexander and “Pure Aryans”. Let’s know more about this in detail. 

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Borkpa Community man

As per many legends, the Br0kpa community people are the descendants of the great Alexander. They are also known as the “ Pure Aryans”. So intending to have a pure Aryan baby, the women came here to get pregnant. The people of the community live in the 4 villages of Ladakh – Biama, Dah, Hanu and Darchik. As per the locals they claimed themselves the pure “Aryans”. In total, 5000 people of the Brokpa community live here. 

Although there is no official confirmation about this some researchers claim that this is happening. “Pregnancy tourism in Aryan village in Ladakh” journal by Manzoor Ahmad Khan also shares some evidence of this. The people of the community don’t like to talk about this as they think this is disrespectful to their community. 

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How did All these things start? 

In the early 90s information about the descends of Alexander the Great spread globally. And the world get to know about the Broka People. The people of this community worked in the army of Alexander at that time. Germans, who admire Alexander just came here to get pregnant to have a child who has his qualities. 

Initially, they come and have an affair with the local person then they make an intimate relationship with them. After they get pregnant they fly back to their country. After some incidents, they find out they are only here to get pregnant. So, they started taking money from them, and this started a small pregnancy tourism industry here for the females who come here to get pregnant. 

Characteristics of Brokpa Community

Characteristics of Brokpa Community

As we already stated people here call themselves the pure Aryans. While talking to the locals they said “They all grew up hearing that they are pure Aryans. They have to worship nature and protect it“. As per them, people in this community have better body types than others. 

  • In comparison to other communities of Ladakh, these people look quite different. 
  • They follow the Vedic culture and that can be found in their daily life and rituals.
  • The language of the community is also very similar to Sanskrit. “Swang O” is the name of the dictionary these people have created in their native language “Brosakat”. 
  • Most of the people of this community depend on agriculture and some opt Indian army.
  • The people of Brokpa are tall, strong, and have sharp memory.
  • Only a few people in this community use the latest technology and the rest people do not want to lose their identity in the name of development. 

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More about this community

Malana tribe of Himachal Pradesh and the Kalas tribe of POK also claimed themselves “Aryans”. Also, they claim themselves the descend of “Alexander”. This can be true as the community people said that some of the people had migrated to POK in the 7th century

Every year Bork community organizes a traditional festival name Bonona in October money. Each village where Brokpa lives celebrates this fair with full joy. Basically this festival is their way to say thanks to god for a good crop and happiness in their lives. This community loves its tradition and follows it with full faith. It is the reason they don’t want to accept employment for this they have to leave their identity. So that’s all about the Brokpa community – people who originate the pregnancy tourism in India.

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